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Sanders issues belligerent statement after followers threaten to kill NV party chair

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Democrats worry that Sanders has plans for more violence at the national Democratic convention this summer.
Donald Trump, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Trump threatens Sanders with mob violence

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Trump spent the weekend undermining democratic norms, ending with an open threat against Bernie Sanders.
Chicago Tribune, October 30, 1968.

Donald Trump has a lot in common with segregationist George Wallace

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While many compare Trump’s extremism to the rise of Hitler, others are talking about the rise of George Wallace.

The growing protests are helping Trump, and hurting the GOP

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Now is the time for anti-Trump protesters to step up their game.

VIDEO: White Trump supporter kicks black protester at rally today

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More violence at a Trump rally today in Ohio.
Donald Trump, via iprimages / Flickr

According to Trump, victims of violence in his name both don’t exist and have it coming

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Trump’s policies don’t set him apart from his opponents. His support for violence against his opponents does.
Planned Parenthood, via Fibonacci Blue / Flickr

Erick Erickson insulted by claim he incited violence against Planned Parenthood, incites violence against Planned Parenthood

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“It really is surprising more Planned Parenthood facilities and abortionists are not being targeted.”
Ted Cruz at a treason rally, via Creative Commons

Ted Cruz says “overwhelming majority” of violent criminals are Democrats

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When was the last time we polled a prison population for their partisan preferences?
Israeli flag

Israel’s strategy for de-escalating violence isn’t working

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Amid another round of violence in Israel, the question of who started it is less important than how it will end.
Jerusalem Pride, via Wikimedia Commons

Repeat offender suspected in ultra-Orthodox stabbing at Jerusalem pride parade

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The suspect was released from prison three weeks ago after serving ten years for a nearly identical attack.
Black man stopped by police, via Shutterstock

White America refuses to understand the death of Freddie Gray

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White America does not understand what’s happening in Baltimore.

Are the Charlie Hebdo shooters “radical” or simply “Orthodox”?

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#NotJustMuslims is a more appropriate hashtag than #NotAllMuslims, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo killings.

It’s time for a serious discussion about [insert latest case of religious violence here]

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This horrible attack had nothing to do with religion, even if the attackers vigorously & repeatedly claim it d
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