Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson on SNL takes down Ivanka Trump

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Scarlett Johansson on Saturday Night Live does a commercial for Ivanka Trump’s new fragrance. And totally nails it
Gen. Michael Flynn

White House already lying about Flynn “resignation.” We need an investigation.

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The White House responded to the breaking news that Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned last night, by doing what they do best: lying. Last night, General Flynn resigned ...
spicer white house briefing

Sean Spicer was SNL’s Melissa McCarthy today

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White House press secretary Sean Spicer was off his rocker today, getting visibly angry and cutting off reporters at his daily White House briefing. Spicer quite literally became his ...

Someone needs to remind Donald Trump that killing your political opponents is not normal

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Trump suggested that Putin’s murder of political opponents & journalists is somehow normal. It’s not.

Trump White House thinks it and media have “joint custody” of the country

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Senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway made a bizarre comment to CNN’s Jake Tapper today, telling him that the Trump White House and the media have “joint custody” ...

Racist Trump supporters boycott Bud over heartwarming Super Bowl ad

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Budweiser is being excoriated by racist Trump supporters for simply telling the story of its founding.
John ARavosis Russia update

When Trump says “fake news” he’s schilling for Russia

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Every time Trump rants about “fake news,” he’s doing the bidding of the Russians.
rex tillerson

Tillerson makes joke at Trump’s expense while addressing State employees

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Trump’s new Sec. of State Rex Tillerson told a joke today seemingly at Trump’s expense.

Trump tells Prayer Breakfast “to hell with it”

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Trump told a Chaplain “to hell with it” at the National Prayer Breakfast in front of a crowd of preachers.

Trump’s treatment of Melania on Inauguration Day was abhorrent

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Two images this weekend speak volumes about Donald Trump. He basically ignored his wife Melania.
Investigate Trump and Russia

Trump inaugurated while under investigation by 5 US agencies (video)

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The FBI, CIA, NSA, Treasury and Justice are all investigating Trump’s Russia ties, have been since last spring.
bob dole obama

Trump blows off wheelchair-bound Bob Dole. Obama embraces him.

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Trump gave a cursory greeting to the Doles and left; Obama stayed with them, laughed, and kissed Mrs. Dole.
Life Accordion Trump

Life Accordion to Trump (pretty hilarious video)

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Someone took video of Trump talking and added an accordion. Trust me, the effect is hilarious.
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