Hillary clinton Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis interviews Hillary Clinton

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sat down for an interview with comedian Zach Galifianakis.
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Facebook Live: Giuliani promotes conspiracy theory that Hillary has brain damage

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The Trump campaign is in a full court press to convince people Hillary has a secret brain disease. (She doesn’t.)
Photo courtesy of WFOR.

Cops rescue autistic boy’s birthday party

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Mother after mother canceled, uncomfortable with the boy being autistic. Then the cops came, and saved the party.
Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

Trump’s lawyer pwn3d by CNN host

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Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen was just on CNN with political correspondent Brianna Keilar, and she pwn3d him.
flooding video baton rouge louisiana

Incredible video of woman and dog being rescued from sinking car in Baton Rouge

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Absolutely incredible video of a woman and her dog being rescued from a sinking car in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Putin’s Downfall (satire video) — Putin finds out that Trump called for Hillary to be shot, and he’s ticked

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Putin’s Downfall: A satire video of Russia’s Putin getting the news that Trump just suggested shooting Hillary.
Trump assassinate Hillary

Trump just suggested that Hillary or her Supreme Court picks be assassinated

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Donald Trump joked today that one solution to Hillary’s Supreme Court picks is having her, or them, shot to death.
boris and natasha

Leaked Trump campaign video details how Trump plans to “take Washington”

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A newly-leaked video from the Trump campaign details how they plan to ‘take Washington’ in November.
Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein criticizes the US in Moscow. (Is that a dead animal around her neck?)

Jill Stein in Moscow criticized US human rights, said nothing about Russian human rights

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Green party candidate Jill Stein went to Moscow last winter, criticized the US, and says Putin agreed with her.
Trump: Putin's been a very strong leader for Russia

Hillary eviscerates Trump over ties to Russia (video)

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Hillary Clinton published a scathing two-minute today, attacking Donald Trump for his ties to Russia.
Donald Trump

Trump goes off on baby again — complains to another crowd about it

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Donald Trump complained again today about the baby that interrupted his speech earlier this week.
liz mair

Great moments on CNN: “Trump’s message is being a loud-mouthed d*ck”

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Former RNC staffer Liz Mair calls Trump out on CNN: “His message is being a loud-mouthed d*ck.”
Lindsey Graham on cnn talking about trump and nuclear codes

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham refuses to say Trump can be trusted with nuclear codes

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GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham was just asked whether we can trust Trump with the nuclear codes. He refused to answer.
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