Screenshot from the first edited segment of the video, via Texas Department of Public Safety / YouTube

Dash cam footage showing Sandra Bland’s arrest was edited

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Texas: Where stable prisoners hang themselves and truck drivers can teleport.
Vincent Kidaha, screenshot via YouTube

5,000 Kenyans to help President Obama “understand” homosexuality by getting naked in the street

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Apparently no one has pointed out the obvious homoeroticism at the core of the protest to its organizer.
The BMO Harris Bradley Center, where the Milwaukee Bucks currently play, via

Scott Walker cuts $250 million from public universities, wants to give it to Milwaukee Bucks

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Claims that funding for the stadium will boost economic activity are unsupported by economic evidence.
Lord and Navarro debating, screenshot via CNN / TalkingPointsMemo

Trump supporter on CNN: There’s no such thing as Latino citizens

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What’s more, his party seems to agree.
The Pentagon, via Wikimedia Commons

BREAKING: Pentagon finalizing plans to lift ban on transgender individuals in military

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The Pentagon had previously lifted rules barring trans servicemembers, but branch-level rules remain.
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Watch this Kentucky county clerk illegally deny same-sex couple a marriage license

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Massive resistance on a county-by-county scale.
The tears of privilege.

Catholic group treats being anti-gay as the new gay in insanely offensive ad

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It didn’t take long for the perfect response video to emerge.
KKK rally, via Wikimedia Commons

KKK plans rally for Confederate flag in South Park redux

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If the KKK ever watched South Park, they’d know better than to rally for the flag.
LAPD SWAT team, via Wikimedia Commons

Watch: LAPD tries to clean up its image, misses a spot

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You can try to solve the problem, or you can try to make the problem look less-bad.
Diablo lindo, via Mike Slichenmyer / Flickr

Lawyer defending conversion therapy: Gays are Satanic. Well, maybe just the LGBT movement

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The irony of defending the idea that homosexuality is a choice by asserting that Satan makes people gay…
Mike Huckabee, via Christopher Halloran /

Mike Huckabee seems genuinely confused as to what “two state solution” means

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He’s right, two governments holding the exact same piece of real estate *would* be nuts.
Mike Huckabee, via Wikimedia Commons

It is Mike Huckabee’s deeply-held religious belief that Al Gore should have been president

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Mike Huckabee apparently thinks “judicial supremacy” means Bush v. Gore was wrongly decided.
marco rubio

Marco Rubio crashes and burns on Iraq question, says war was “not a mistake”

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Knowing what we know now, Marco Rubio isn’t very good at prepping for easy questions.
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