Weird Japanese Trump anime video, or something

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It’s difficult to tell if the video is pro- or anti- Trump, but I’m guessing the world blowing up is a clue.
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Stephen Colbert destroys Donald Trump (video)

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Colbert responds to Donald Trump’s claim that Obama is a secret Muslim terrorist.

Lead Sanders supporter might vote for Trump to bring “Leninist” revolution

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Top Sanders supporter, actress Susan Sarandon, says if Sanders doesn’t get nomination she might vote for Trump.
Van Jones and Jeffrey Lord, screenshot via YouTube

Do we really have to remind people that the KKK wasn’t “progressive”?

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There’s a reason why they endorse conservative candidates, folks.
John Kasich, via Michael Vadon / Flickr

John Kasich bombs answer on Supreme Court nominations

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John Kasich vs. Stephen Colbert. Guess who wins?
Donald Trump

Donald Trump can’t take it when Trump-style falsehoods are directed at him

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Hillary Clinton claimed that Trump is featured in ISIS propaganda videos. Now Trump cares about the truth.

Donald Trump on Putin killing journalists: “at least he’s a leader”

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He took three tries to get the right answer on the question: “Is killing journalists bad?”
Marco Rubio, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

The worst part about Marco Rubio’s new anti-gay ad

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Marco Rubio has been called by his faith to act like a bigot.
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WATCH: French father and son have touching conversation about Paris attacks

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How do you explain mass violence to a toddler? Here’s how.
Anthony Kennedy, via Wikimedia Commons

Justice Kennedy: Kim Davis should resign

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“[As] a public official in performing your legal duties, you are bound to enforce the law.”
Ben Carson, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Ben Carson’s campaign is a game of six degrees of Kevin Bacon, but for slavery and the Holocaust

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Give Carson any issue, and he can tie it back to a historical atrocity in six moves or less.
Pope Francis addresses Congress, screenshot via YouTube

Pope Francis’s address to Congress: Something for everyone, but more for the left

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The Pope is unconstrained by the American ideological spectrum, but his priorities definitely have a place on it.
Kim Davis, screenshot via YouTube

Kim Davis to Megyn Kelly: “If I resign, I lose my voice,” proving everyone right

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That’s been the problem this entire time!
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