Rand Paul’s vaccine trutherism is paranoid, not libertarian

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Even libertarians believe that government is necessary to protect you from your fellow citizens.
NJ Gov. Chris Christie.

Indecisive Chris Christie suggests it’s ok not to vaccinate kids

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Chris Christie is trying to be all things to all people in a party where nice guys, and science-guys, finish last.
Look, it's magic! (via Shutterstock.)

Why Americans fall for the anti-vaccination song and dance

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Americans on the whole don’t seem to be equipped to handle the basic concepts and methods of science.
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Anti-vaccine mom says “the devil” causes disease

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An update on anti-vaccine “truthers” who falsely claim that vaccines cause more harm than good.
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Don’t forget preventive maintenance on your own body

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Here are a number of regular health screenings you should be getting. And check with your doctor (and insurance).

The Chikungunya virus is moving into our neighborhood

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The Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is only rarely fatal. But its symptoms can be debilitating.
HIV virus attacking cell. 3D render, via Shutterstock.

HIV vaccine trial appears to have led to higher HIV rates

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The data showed that there was an increased chance for vaccinated participants to contract HIV.
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Unvaccinated Amish help create largest US measles outbreak in 20 years

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They were never vaccinated, and didn’t know Philippines had a measles problem, which was in all the news.
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MERS 101: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome arrives in US

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Dr. Thoma walks us through the deadly MERS outbreak that has finally hit the US. So far it’s limited to Indiana.

New evidence that autism is inherited, rather than induced by vaccines

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Increasingly, evidence from neurologic research is pointing to the fact that autism is inherited.
The Ebola virus, courtesy of Shutterstock

The recent Ebola scare in Canada

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While you may think that Africa is half a world away, it might be closer than you think.
A child with whooping cough.

Whooping cough and measles are back, thanks to anti-vaccination truthers

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People aren’t getting vaccinated, and health care workers aren’t catching diseases they’re not expecting to see.
State of the Union 2012

State of the Union open thread

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Join in the discussion if you’re dorky enough, like me, to be watching this thing.
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