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The flu shot might just prevent a heart attack

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This is from a study just published in JAMA today, and it’s a big deal.
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It’s time to start thinking about getting a flu shot

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In the elderly, immunocompromised and children, influenza may cause a bronchitis or pneumonia that can be fatal.
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Meningitis shots for all 1 million people attending NYC Gay Pride?

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NYC health official says Pride-goers may want to get vaccinated against a deadly strain of meningitis.
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Should you get vaccinated against a deadly meningitis outbreak?

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33 y.o. gay LA man is brain dead, 21 y.o. Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison student died, from meningitis.

Deadly meningitis hits gay men in NYC, mass vaccinations recommended

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This particularly deadly strain kills one in three who are infected, much worse than typical meningitis.
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