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Make it stop! (Or, even more gay marriage victories in IN, UT, CO and Mexico)

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The love that dare not speak its name has become the Energizer Bunny of court victories. It keeps going and going.
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What is your state worst at? (neat map)

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Is it “gonorrhea” (Mississippi), or “obesity” (Alabama), or “porn usage” (Utah)?

Utah’s Mormon governor un-marries 1,300 gay couples

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Utah Gov. Herbert decided unilaterally to un-marry over 1,300 gay couples, something he can’t actually do.

Supreme Court stops gay marriages in Utah pending court case outcome

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After over 1,000 gay weddings have already taken place, the cat’s a bit out of the bag on that one.

Mormons/GOP ask Sup Ct to stop gay marriages in Utah… for sake of the gays

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Sometimes love is a fist. The GOP Mormons actually told the Sup. Ct. to disallow gay marriage to spare us pain.

Dear Mormons, you’ve been given a rare second chance – don’t blow it

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Utah’s legalization of gay marriage has given Mormons a rare chance to drag their name out of the mud. Will they?
Utah saw a large number of weddings during the brief period that gay nuptials were legal in that state in December, 2013, pending appeal of a court case.

Appeals court refuses to stop gay marriages in Utah!

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Hee-haw! Merry Christmas, y’all!
Joseph Smith (rainbow overlay via Shutterstock)

Joseph Smith’s gayest birthday EVAH

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Gay marriages continue to erupt all over Utah after a federal judge strikes down the state’s gay marriage ban.

Don’t look now, gay marriage just got legalized in Utah!

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In an unexpected decision, a federal judge threw out Utah’s ban on gay marriages – so lots of gays got married.

Well-done video of a protesting shutting down a tar sands project in Utah

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This video is from a few days ago, but it’s quite well done, and worth a look.
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When life gives you freezing rain… (video)

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I used to like the ice too.  Until I fell on my ass last week in Chicago right after an ice storm.

Gun nut brings assault rifle, Glock, ammo to JC Penney to “make a statement”

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A Utah open carry gun owner carries an arsenal into a shopping mall to “make a statement” against gun control.
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Time to boycott Utah, and Marriott?

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“I’m appalled that Prop 8 passed, and did so largely because of the dollars dumped into California by the Mormon church.”
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