Is “liberal” Sen. Amy Klobuchar pushing Obama’s Grand Bargain cuts?

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Does Sen. Amy Klobuchar support Chained CPI, gutting Social Security? Ask her at 202-224-3244.

Chained CPI is not just bait; Obama actually “prefers” it

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Barack “Grand Cuts” Obama is eager for chained CPI and benefit cuts. Will his hubris be his undoing?

Jack Lew confirmed; Wall Street always gets it man

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Washington is too co-opted by Wall Street to care about banks that are too big to fail.
Hillary Clinton talks to Ron Johnson Benghazi

Hillary Clinton hands teabagger Ron Johnson his balls (video)

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Smart chicks are like Kryptonite to losers like Johnson.

Will Harry Reid kill real filibuster reform? Vote is tomorrow, January 22.

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Harry Reid is going `bipartisan` on filibuster reform according to Politico. Call today and tomorrow early.
US Capitol House Senate congress

Filibuster Reform vote Jan. 22: Keep calling senators

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“Merkley joined NM Sen. Tom Udall & IA Sen. Tom Harkin to officially roll out the possible filibuster change
us capitol building inauguration

ACTION ALERT: We are 2 senators away from filibuster reform; call today

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The U.S. Senate needs filibuster reform to become a functioning body. We’re almost there. You can help.

New Hampshire to be 1st state with all-female congressional delegation

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New Hampshire will become the first state in the nation’s history to send an all-female delegation to Congress.
Senator Inouye

Democratic Senator Inouye has died at 88

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The Democratic governor will appoint a replacement for Senator Inouye.

(Updated) New action page to stop benefit cuts

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New senate contact page. Here’s all you need to stop benefit cuts in the House, Senate, or the president’s desk.

Will the 29 Sanders-letter senators co-sponsor the Begich Social Security bill?

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Urge the senators who signed Sen. Sanders No Cuts letter to cosponsor the Begich bill ending the salary cap.

First Asian-American woman elected to Senate, Mazie Hirono

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113th Congress will see 20 women Senators, a historic high.
Medicare, medicaid, social security

Feingold: “Sneak attack coming” on Medicare, Social Security

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Russ Feingold, current Obama campaign co-chair, is organizing against safety net cuts in the Lame Duck Congress.
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