2nd possible Ebola case in US, 5 kids possibly exposed

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We’ve also found out the name of the first Ebola patient, who is not a US citizen, but was visiting from Liberia.
"Harry Reed" can no longer vacation in Siberia.

Russians ban Senate Leader “Harry Reed” (sic) from visiting Moscow (like he ever would)

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Americans don’t visit Russia for fun. Russians do visit NYC. Are there any sanctions that hurt us more than them?

4 shocking facts about American healthcare (video)

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His name is Josh Sundquist, and he’s really good – and quite a captivating speaker.
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84% of world’s fish not safe to eat more than once a month

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I’m not sure how happy I am eating something that’s so poisonous you can only eat one serving per month.
Solar Potential via Media Matters

Fox News: Solar only works in Germany because it gets more sunlight than US (false)

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The network that brought you “WMD in Iraq” lies about solar power’s potential. Anyone surprised?

Cool interactive map shows every single American with a dot

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Each dot represents a person in the 2010 US census, and 2011 Canadian census. There are 341,817,095 dots.
kids gun

Four dead from guns in Aurora, Colorado again

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Another day, another shooting. Mental health & video games may play a part, but the deaths were caused by guns,
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