Anti-homophobia protest in Uganda, via

Christian UN staff in Kenya refuse aid to gay men fleeing persecution

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Persecution may be bad, they say, but being gay is worse.
Israeli flag

Israel’s strategy for de-escalating violence isn’t working

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Amid another round of violence in Israel, the question of who started it is less important than how it will end.
Syria via Shutterestock

The West is using an accounting trick to ignore Saudi Arabia’s Syrian refugees

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Here’s how you make millions of refugees disappear in one easy step.

The Earth is toast, per new UN report on climate change

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A new United Nations report finds that climate change already is affecting the world, and it will only get worse.

UN special envoy nearly kidnapped in Crimea by pro-Russian forces, forced to flee country

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UN special rep. Robert Serry is cornered in a coffee shop by pro-Russian forces. Reporters live-tweeting scene.
KIEV, UKRAINE - JAN 26, 2014: Euromaidan protesters rest and strengthen their barricades on Hrushevskoho Street, after another night of clashes with riot police in Kiev, Ukraine. snames /

It’s finally time to reform the UN Security Council

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The tense situation in Ukraine shows (yet again) that the UN Security Council will be powerless unless reformed.
Arctic sea ice — modeled vs. observed as of 2009, Fig. 13 from the Copenhagen Diagnosis (source)

95% certainty humans causing global warming, per new UN climate report

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Keep in mind, this is a conservative estimate.

NSA has bugged UN, EU, 80 embassies

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It’s clear the NSA is spying on everyone. The big question now is how that information is being used.
UN ambassador Susan Rice

Obama to appoint Susan Rice National Security Adviser, in snub to Benghazi-crazed GOP

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Rice removed her name from consideration as Secretary of State because of GOP hysteria over Benghazi.
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