From Sanders to Corbyn, how the Brocialist left loses elections

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Today’s episode is a discussion with British journalist, author and Remainiacs podcast cohost Dorian Lynskey — the author of the new book, “The Ministry of Truth: ...
Robert Mueller

Bob Mueller, Mr. Rogers and Captain Picard walk into a bar…

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In today’s Unpresidented podcast, Cliff and I talk about Bob Mueller’s testimony tomorrow before the US House, Boris Johnson becoming the new British prime minister, the ...

Trump creates diplomatic row with UK by attacks on Muslim London Mayor

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Donald Trump has created yet another diplomatic row with a key American ally. This time the United Kingdom. For the second day in a row, Trump tweet-attacked Sadiq Khan, the Muslim ...
Trump Merkel

Boorish Trump alienates Brits and Germans in one day

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Donald Trump managed to damage relations today with two of America’s closest and most important allies, the United Kingdom and Germany. First, came the White House doubling down ...

New Brit foreign secretary Boris Johnson: Blacks have “watermelon smiles”

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Johnson also published a story, while editor of The Spectator, that suggested blacks have small brains.
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