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Jeb Bush’s solution for economic growth: “work longer hours”

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And we thought we needed Donald Trump to say what the GOP’s really thinking.
Girl pulling a coal tub in mine. From official report of the parliamentary commission in the mid 19th century.

We could solve unemployment immediately if we wanted to. Read 2 “sensible” proposals.

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We could have zero unemployment today, except for one thing — the need to punish the poor.

GOP Sen. Rand Paul says UE benefits are “disservice” to unemployed

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If we extend unemployment benefits beyond Christmas, “you do a disservice to these workers.”
Job recovery by recession since WW II. Our non-recovery is the heavy red line.

The country needs jobs, not a bipartisan austerity diet

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The S&P is at record highs, but the jobs market stinks & Congress wants to cut spending, again. Help stop them.
Civilian employment, 1948 thru September 2013

(Updated) Bad jobs report: We’re losing workers

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Unemployment is only down because people are leaving the workforce.
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Scary jobs report

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Slowing average job growth is causing some concern, and that’s before the GOP shut down the government.

“The tragedy of journalism now is that it’s demand-driven”

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Modern journalism is info-tainment, which breeds a culture of “taught helplessness.” Here’s how to defeat it.
New ad blasts Wisconsin Governor using his words from prank call with Billionaire Koch

Scott Walker’s right-wing austerity is destroying Wisconsin

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Scott Walker’s GOP austerity is a recipe for disaster – a fact that Wisconsin found out the hard way.
Paul Ryan, via Mel Brown /

Paul Ryan’s “austerity” magic is destroying Spain

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Unemployment in austerity-ridden Spain is 26% generally, and 56.5% for youth. The GOP budget miracle in action.
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Jobs report “steady but uninspiring”

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The jobs numbers continue to be decent but not exciting, though it’s more growth than during the Bush years.
Wall Street

Wall Street banks fleecing unemployed Americans

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Once again Wall Street is making a huge profit on the problem that they caused in the first place.
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World unemployment to set new record this year

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“World unemployment could top record levels this year and continue rising until 2017.”
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Embattled Foxconn eyes US factory opening

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Work with dignity doesn’t appear to be part of the Foxconn plan.
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