“La Fiancée de Frankenstein”

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How France’s right learned the wrong lessons on anti-gay intolerance from America’s GOP.
Former French president Sarkozy and wife #3, Carla Bruni. (Via

Former French President Sarkozy is “humiliated” by gay marriage

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Sarkozy, currently on his 3rd marriage, is part of a larger lurch to the far-right by France’s conservatives.

Thousands of right-wingers march in Paris, yelling “Jews, get out of France!”

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France’s Republican party, the UMP, and the country’s religious right, have opened a Pandora’s box of intolerance.

More violence in Paris as French anti-gay right co-opted by extremists, supremacists

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France’s UMP opposition party, much like America’s GOP, has now allied itself with the hate of the far right.
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