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UK spy agency tapped 1.8m Yahoo Web cams

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New Snowden documents reveal that this was only the number of video chats intercepted during one 6-month period.

An audio tour of the accents of the British Isles

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Even to an American ear, you can hear the differences, and many actually sound familiar,
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Meet Katya, the young Russian sadist who kidnaps gay youth for sport

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A UK crew was permitted to film anti-gay vigilantes in St. Petersburg kidnapping and torturing a gay youth.

Heterosexual mating rituals, by Sir David Attenborough (video)

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“Meanwhile, nearby a female starts to regurgitate a mouthful of fish & chips. Life in Britain is not all roses.”

A unique approach to testicular cancer awareness – just get a football team naked on TV

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Gotta hand it to the Brits on this one, but I wonder if this really made it on actual television.

The wonderful dancing bus stop lady (video)

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Ellie Coal was dancing while waiting for a bus in Eastleigh, England, when a woman surreptitiously filmed her…

US official: Greenwald’s domestic partner detained to send him, Guardian a message

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Message received. But it’s not the one the US intended.
Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald to be indicted by US, UK?

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Was Greenwald’s family — his partner David — detained 9 hrs. at Heathrow because US, UK preparing indictment?
UK minister for the environment Own Paterson via BBC interview.

UK environment secretary Paterson: Climate change isn’t real

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What’s worse, Paterson seemed not to understand the crucial difference between “weather” and “climate.”
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Federal Reserve says austerity is hurting US growth

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In the US, UK, Spain and Portugal, austerity is causing more harm than good. Why won’t the GOP get that?
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