Pope Francis addresses Congress, screenshot via YouTube

Pope Francis says we can’t address AIDS epidemic until we eradicate poverty

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Only one bad thing can exist at a time, says one of the world’s leading moral authority figures.
Anti-homophobia protest in Uganda, via

Christian UN staff in Kenya refuse aid to gay men fleeing persecution

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Persecution may be bad, they say, but being gay is worse.
Anti-homophobia protest in Uganda, via

Bush advisor Vin Weber goes on retainer to lobby for anti-gay Ugandan government

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Western countries have previously threatened to cut aid from Uganda over is anti-gay policies.

Grindr security glitch exposes gay users in Uganda, Russian Kremlin

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Popular gay smartphone app Grindr reveals the precise location of its gay users to anyone with a Net connection.
gay hate group

NPR whitewashes past of anti-gay Holocaust-revisionist hate group leader

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Scott Lively, who claims gays were behind the Holocaust, was simply called an “Evangelical leader.”

Paper publishes “Uganda’s 200 top homos,” as prez says oral sex is western import, must be banned

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A new law requires parents, teachers and doctors to report known gays to the government.

Russia, India, Nigeria and Uganda compete in the Sochi Homophobic Olympics

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Jon Stewart walks us through the Olympic homophobia competition between India, Nigeria, Uganda and Russia.
Like America's lead anti-gay bigots, their Ugandan counterparts won't win anyone awards for oozing heterosexuality.

Report: Ugandan president blocks jail-gays-for-life bill

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The legislation would make “aggravated homosexuality” a crime punishable by life imprisonment.
Rainbow 2014 via Shutterstock

A mom weighs in on the future of gay rights in the new year

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“As the mother of a lesbian, living in a liberal community, sometimes I forget the struggle is far from over.”
Anti-gay Ugandan leaders David Bahati and Martin Ssempa.

Uganda passes law mandating life imprisonment for gays

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The Ugandan legislature has passed legislation making “aggravated homosexuality” a crime punishable by life in prison. ¬†The new law will also require straight Ugandans ...
Russian vigilante groups have organized around the country to kidnap young gay people and terrorize them.

Boehner hosts meeting praising Russia`s crackdown on gays

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Boehner’s office held a meeting today to learn from Russia’s and Uganda’s exemplary example in dealing with gays.
Father Musaala via a YouTube video.

Catholics suspend priest for blowing whistle on sex abuse of minors in Africa

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Father Anthony Musaala of Uganda has been indefinitely suspended for violating the Catholic child-rape omertà.

How (white) American evangelicals fund anti-gay hate and violence in Africa

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Anti-gay bigots in Uganda are doing the bidding of their wealthy patrons in the US.
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