First green card issued to Irish spouse of lesbian in Denver

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Green card was issued as a result of Supreme Court striking down DOMA.

DHS: Foreign gays married to Americans get Green Cards

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Generally speaking, INS will look to the law of where you were married, not where you live.

Meet 1st gay couple likely to receive a green card if DOMA is struck down

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Catriona and Cathy, married mothers of three, one is American, one is Irish, and they can’t live together.

Jamie & Tim: Married in Canada, “buddies” in America, forced to flee to be together

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So that they can be together, since the US under DOMA won’t let Jamie stay, they’re fleeing to Central America.

Graham says immigration bill must pass for GOP to survive, weeks after threatening to kill it

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Graham threatened to kill the bill if it included gay couples, but now says it must pass for GOP to survive.
Chuck Schumer

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how’d you like the immigration bill?

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Democrats bail on gay couples, leave them out of immigration bill (again), under pressure from Republicans.

Schumer now refusing to say if he’ll support adding gays to immigration bill

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You see, the Republicans are mean, and Senator Schumer doesn’t want to upset them. He’s so nice.
Sojourner's founder and editor, and gay civil rights traitor, Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis of Sojourners stabs gays in back on immigration reform

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Jim Wallis, longtime social justice advocate, joins Baptists & Evangelicals in demanding gays be x’d from bill.
Gay immigration via Shutterstock.

Dear gays, immigration reform is only for “valuable” constituencies – you’re not

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Gays were dumped from Latino immigration reform because “some constituencies are more valuable than others.”
A famous AIDS button from the late 80s, early 90s. My friend Paul Clark had a t-shirt with this design that he used to love wearing in Billings, MT in 1991. Paul got a chuckle out of the fact that people would complement him on his “Mickey Mouse” shirt without having a clue what it actually meant.

Immigration advocates to gays: We’re just not that into you

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Gays are being asked to “take one” for a team that doesn’t seem terribly interested in taking one for them.
lev radin /

The GOP’s 11m Latino human shields

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Marco Rubio and the GOP are very upset that immigration reform might actually benefit all Americans.

Adorable surprise flash-mob (gay) wedding proposal (video)

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Sadly, the happy couple won’t be together because of DOMA, and gays being axed from immigration reform.

Catholic church threatens to hold 11 million Latinos as human shields of hate

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Pedophile-enablers send Obama another anti-gay nastygram, this time on immigration.
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