ISIS allies hack major US military twitter, YouTube, Google+ accounts

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Sympathizers of the terrorist group ISIS appear to have just hacked the Twitter account of CENTCOM, a major geographical unit of the US military covering the Middle East. And Michael ...

GOP Rep. Issa tweets photos of Lee Harvey Oswald, Himmler, for Veterans Day

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The victim of an online prank, Cong. Issa also tweeted a photo of Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Israel, academic freedom, and my alma mater

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Steven Salaita lost his job at the University of Illinois after posting over-the-top tweets critical of Israel.

Social media survey: Dems, women face most online harassment

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A new poll shows that Democrats, and women, report being harassed more on social media than GOP ers or men.

On August 1, 2014, Russia plans to kill the Internet

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Russia is demanding that social media companies host all user data in Russia, and make it available to the govt.

Stephen Colbert responds to #cancelcolbert campaign (video)

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It’s really not an apology. Colbert ends up mocking the mockers, and good for him.

Turkey shuts down Twitter

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Turkey’s Prime Minister, furious over a tweet implicating him in a corruption scandal, blocked Twitter nationwide.

LOL live-tweets from reporters on the disaster greeting them in Sochi

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“My Sochi water doesn’t work unless I have my keycard in to turn the lights on.”

Former NSA head victim of “spying” on Amtrak, passenger tweets entire private convo with reporter

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My friend Tom Matzzie was sitting behind former NSA head Hayden, heard entire “on background” convo, tweeted it.

13 stunning fall photos from the Interior Dept. Twitter feed

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This Twitter feed is a real gem. Some of the most gorgeous photos of natural beauty in our national parks.

Epic Wash Post Twitter response to angry Ted Cruz teapartyer

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One of the funniest things I’ve ever read on Twitter. The Washington Post responds to an angry Tea Partyer.
Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri (courtesy of Miss America)

Nice to see Twitter rally for 1st Indian-American Miss America after racist critics

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Tons of people on Twitter defended the first Indian-American Miss America Nina Davuluri after racist attacks.

Instagram at Auschwitz: Has social media gone too far?

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Auschwitz has an Instagram account. Is it appropriate to use Instagram’s fun filters at a Nazi death camp?
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