Brilliant parody of TSA’s security video for kids

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“Why is that agent’s tail wagging, dad? Looks like he just can’t wait to screen you, son.”

TSA’s kids’ video

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The TSA has done a video for kids, showing them how airport security works.

Tales of the TSA: “It’s not a gun, it’s a prop for my monkey”

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“She said ‘If I held it up to your neck, you wouldn’t know if it was real or not,’ and I said ‘really?'”

The insane things people still try to bring on airplanes

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John and Chris have done a lot of reporting on the TSA this year, as the organization has had its fair share of privacy invasions, cultural faux paus, and instances of general incompetence. ...
If we can see your belly button, the terrorists win. (Belly button via Shutterstock)

TSA is now the Belly-Button Police

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A woman says she was chastised by TSA for her belly button showing while putting her belt back on at security.
"Does this TSA agent make me look fat?" Carolina K. Smith MD / Shutterstock.com

Is TSA now the Nipple Police?

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A TSA agent at LAX reportedly tells a 15 y.o. girl to “cover up!” because he didn’t like her outfit.
TSA agents haggle over what to do about Wookie's light saber.

TSA confiscates Chewbacca’s light saber

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Star Wars star Peter Mayhew, who played Wookie Chewbacca, resorted to Twitter to free walking stick from TSA.
Sue Dubitsky's wounds from an alleged attack by a TSA dog at Atlanta's airport. (Source: collegepark.11alive.com)

TSA dog bites woman in stomach for no reason, she says (video)

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The woman worries what might happen if the dog goes after a child.
Elderly Patient via Shutterstock

Cancer is inconvenient, but missing your flight is death

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How the US Senate put its own personal pork – flight delays – ahead of the needs of people dying of cancer.

TSA agent accidentally pepper-sprays colleagues, 6 hospitalized

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The TSA agent was simply trying to blind his fellow agents with a laser when he pepper-sprayed them instead.

TSA orders wheel-chair bound double-amputee Marine to “walk”

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TSA first had the Marine take his prosthetic legs off, in front of everyone, for “inspection.”
Carolina K. Smith, M.D. / Shutterstock.com

TSA to now allow pocketknives, but not “massive steel dildos”

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If massive steel dildos make their way on to the flight, the terrorists win.

TSA saves America from crying 3 y.o. girl in wheelchair, takes her stuffed animal “Lamby”

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“It bothers me that my daughter was singled out specifically because she is in a wheelchair.”
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