It’s beginning to look a lot like Kosovo (or not)

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Is a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine imminent? There are increasing signs.

Colbert says the Taliban prisoner exchange is like Hitler’s pizza party (video)

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“It is a celebration that is also very troubling. Like a pizza party for Hitler’s birthday. Was it fun? Yes….”
Sadik Gulec /

We should have made US troops in Iraq consular employees in Benghazi

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Maybe then Republicans would have given a damn about four and a half thousand American dead in Iraq.
Hong Kong via Shutterstock

Boehner trying to pass bill to pay China, but shaft the troops

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GOP legislation would force the US to pay foreign holders of US debt like China before funding US troops.
boy scout

Boy Scouts propose new policy: Gay Scouts okay, gay adults still pedophiles

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So gay Scouts are okay, but once those Scouts grow up, they’re still pedophiles to the Boy Scouts
Tracing Tea /

Soviet soldier found in Afghanistan, 33 years later

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The stories about American MIA’s in Southeast Asia suddenly become a lot more believable.
Interview with the iconic “gay military kiss” couple (video)

DOD extends spousal-y benefits to gays, SecDef calls for DOMA repeal

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Gay domestic partner benefits include dependent ID cards, commissary privileges, child care.
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