The Obelisk in Buenos Aires, via David Stanley / Flickr


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Some personal news: I moved! To Argentina!

The continuing adventures of Congressman Codel, Aaron Schock

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She’s baaack! GOP perma-bachelor Aaron Schock is off galavanting shirtless around the world again.

NYC is like a huge movie theater with ridiculously expensive candy

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I thought DC was expensive, what with our $4 gallons of milk. In NYC, I’m paying $5.50!

Aaron Schock has another wardrobe malfunction

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Conservative anti-gay Republican Congressman Aaron Schock is still having a hard time keeping his clothes on.

The Roosevelts and the ignorant American

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I was watching the wonderful series “The Roosevelts,” and had a bit of an epiphany about Americans and the world.

A stroll through Paris’ gorgeous Jardin du Luxembourg (photo essay)

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A photo-walk through of Paris’ delightful Jardin du Luxembourg, built by Marie de Medicis in 1611.

In Japan, movers put on clean socks so as not to dirty your home (video)

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You’re not in Kansas anymore. A video from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs about moving in Japan.
Waiter in Iran carries 15 cups of tea

Waiter in Iran carries 15 cups of hot tea at once (video)

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A fun, short video showing an amazingly dexterous tea server in Iran carrying 15 cups of hot tea at once.
A couple’s entire year of travel around the world, in 3 minutes (video)

A couple’s entire year of travel around the world, in 3 minutes (video)

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1,266 videos and 11 hours of footage all wrapped up in 3-minutes.
tsa Grenades airport

85% of record-number of guns confiscated by TSA in 2012 were loaded

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The top six US airports for gun confiscations are in the south or Arizona. Oh, they’re finding grenades too.
El Salvadoran kids happiest countries

Poll: Latin America has the happiest countries

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Panama and Paraguay are apparently the happiest countries in which to live on earth.
Cathay Pacific Airways

Workers on Cathay Pacific Airline threaten to cut drink service and smiles

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Cathay Pacific Airline is threatening to impose US-like customer service if their wage demands aren’t met.
TSA girl in wheelchair screenshot

TSA holds 12 y.o. girl in wheelchair for 1 hour, for ‘explosives’ (video)

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TSA wouldn’t let mom comfort crying daughter throughout ordeal.
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