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How minorities are about to cost the GOP the White House, forever

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Increased numbers of minority voters in Texas, Arizona, Georgia and South Carolina could turn those states blue.

GOP congressman-wannabe shoots Obamacare because guns

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Will Brooke follows a long line of GOP candidates who think it’s cute to fire guns at copies of legislation.
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Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia top list of gay-porn watching states

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Of the top 10 gay-porn-watching states, 5 are in the South.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry's gay problem goes far beyond his Brokeback Mountain jacket.

Did Rick Perry cave on gay National Guard benefits? No one seems to know for sure.

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Initially it looked as though Texas refused to process benefits, now it appears they may have caved.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry's gay problem goes far beyond his Brokeback Mountain jacket.

Texas National Guard now openly-discriminating against gay troops

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Snubbing Hagel, Obama, and the US Supreme Court, Texas is refusing to give federal benefits to married gay troops.
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Southern National Guards tell Hagel to take a hike on gay troop spouse IDs

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A number of red-state National Guards are outright defying an order from US Sec. of Defense Hagel.
Texas Democratic lawmaker Wendy Davis, who is running for governor. (Photo by Kevin Sutherland, aka Apollo2011)

Please stop blaming the South for the government shutdown (op ed)

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We are the South of Ted Cruz, but also of Wendy Davis. The South’s strong progressive voices need to be heard.
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Alabama GOP tries to force out College Republican chairwoman for being pro-gay

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Watch all of her young friends abandon your racist, sexist, homophobic party for their rest of their long lives.

Daily Show on southern states thinking they can nullify federal laws they don’t like (video)

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Nullification is unconstitutional in addition to a wee bit racist.

Borat visits the South (video)

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“You are a slave? Can I buy you?”
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