Costco commies: “Our employees deserve Thanksgiving with their families”

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Costco will be giving its employees the day off on Thanksgiving, adding to the company’s compassionate image.

President Bartlett calls the Butterball Hotline

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Always a favorite Thanksgiving day rite for me, from The West Wing.

If it’s Thanksgiving, it’s time for the Sarah Palin turkey slaughter

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Governor Palin and the Great Turkey Slaughter of 2008: A new Thanksgiving tradition
“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”

WKRP Thanksgiving: “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”

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The classic WKRP Thanksgiving episode scenes, along with some background on Hugh Wilson, the show creator.
Holiday shopping via Shutterstock

Black Friday sales numbers look weak

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The number of shoppers is up, but sale are down about 1.8%, or $11.2 billion.
Sarah Palin turkey

Sarah Palin and the great turkey slaughter

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I remember seeing this and catching it before it went viral. Classic Palin. Keep an eye on the birds in back.
How to deep fry a turkey

How to deep fry a turkey

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It’s a miracle we (they) didn’t set the deck on fire.

The one where Joey got Monica’s turkey stuck on his head

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A classic Thanksgiving “Friends” episode.

De Niro and Billy Crystal do Thanksgiving (video)

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A 2001 ad that Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro did for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade following 9/11.
Thanksgiving meal

Cost of Thanksgiving is up slightly this year

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Unlike 2011, the cost of Thanksgiving has mostly stayed the same in 2012. Who is ready to cook?
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