Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, via Wikimedia Commons

Four GOP governors announce that they will refuse Syrian refugees for no good reason

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This is the opposite of helpful.
An ad from the Campaign for Houston, run by Steve Hotze, via

Anti-HERO campaign leaders have shockingly hateful past

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Why is this just now coming out?
Greg Abbott, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Texas Governor Greg Abbott encourages “NO” vote on HERO: “No men in women’s bathrooms”

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The entire campaign against HERO is based on a vile lie.
Open Bible, via

Texas court considers whether homeschooled kids have to learn anything at all

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A Texas couple didn’t teach their kids much of anything because “they were going to be raptured.”
Planned Parenthood, via Fibonacci Blue / Flickr

Texas illegally cuts Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid reimbursements

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Louisiana has already been ordered to resume reimbursements pending the completion of a court case.
Flag of Texas, via Wikimedia Commons

Federal judge gives Texas thumbs-up to continue denying citizenship to children of undocumented immigrants

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Texas is really, really bad at democracy.
A homemade digital clock, via htomari / Flickr

Muslim student arrested, suspended after school assumes his homemade clock is a bomb

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America, where you can be creative as long as you’re white.
Flag of Texas, via Wikimedia Commons

STUDY: Texas’s voter ID law confused registered voters, likely decided 2014 congressional race

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The effects of voter ID laws are measured in more than just people who lack specific ID.
Shotgun wedding, via Wikimedia Commons

Texas judge sentences man to marriage and Bible verses in lieu of jail time

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For this judge, the punishment for misdemeanor assault is a different kind of life sentence.
Voting rights protest, via Michael Fleshman / Flickr

Federal appeals court unanimously strikes down Texas’s voter ID law on narrow grounds

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The limited basis on which the law was struck down shows the need for an affirmative constitutional right to vote.
Screenshot from the first edited segment of the video, via Texas Department of Public Safety / YouTube

Dash cam footage showing Sandra Bland’s arrest was edited

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Texas: Where stable prisoners hang themselves and truck drivers can teleport.
Freed slaves fighting for the Union in the Civil War, via Wikimedia Commons

New Texas textbook will downplay slavery, omit KKK and Jim Crow

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It is an uniquely American phenomenon to allow individual states to deliberately mislead children.
Rainbow Texas, via Wikimedia Commons

Texas couple sues county clerk for refusing to issue marriage license

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They’re going to get married eventually. The only question is how inconvenient Texas wants to make it.
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