Snowden appears on Russian television to ask President Putin a softball question in the middle of the Ukrainian crisis.

Edward Snowden’s “George Zimmerman moment” on Russian TV

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NSA leaker Edward Snowden went on Russian TV yesterday to assist Vladimir Putin in a PR stunt.

TV correspondent can’t say his name without moving his head (funny video)

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I will warn you. After you’re done with this clip, you won’t be able to get “Gustavo AlmoDOvar” out of your head.

Now the Russians are threatening M&Ms (cute ad)

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I’d never noticed this M&M commercial before. It’s a 2014 Super Bowl ad. And it’s cute.

Klingon, Dothraki cut from controversial Coke Super Bowl ad (funny video)

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Coke went through a lot of potential languages for its controversial multicultural Super Bowl commercial.

Best Super Bowl commercials 2014

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The best Super Bowl commercials, 2014.  (Of the ones I could see ahead of time -stay tuned, I’ll update as we go.)

Wendy’s hilarious 1985 Soviet TV commercial (video)

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“Svimwear, very nice.”
"Liz was a lez?"

Archie Bunker comes to terms with gay marriage (video)

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Edith: “Veronica and Cousin Liz were like-married.” Archie: “Liz was a lez?”
"Remarriage" -- a revolutionary concept for Indian culture

Groundbreaking TV ad challenges conservative India’s opposition to divorce, remarriage

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It’s unheard of to get divorced, let alone remarried, in India. But that didn’t stop one advertiser.

Russian govt invokes anti-gay law against TV channel for airing French film with 3-some

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So much for Vladimir Putin’s post-Syria embrace of freedom in today’s NYT.
Stephen Colbert and Hugh Laurie on broadcast indecency standards

Stephen Colbert, Hugh Laurie read the words you can say on cable, but not network TV

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Network TV is pushing to have decency standards loosened as cable’s prominence has so increased over the years.
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