The GOP concept of marriage: Any uterus will do

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If marriage is only about kids, then any woman with a uterus will do. It’s a screwy way to look at marriage.

Ted Olson compares Ted Cruz’s gay marriage views to racist miscegenation laws

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Olson: “Ted Cruz is just plain wrong… that is not and should not be the future of the Republican party.”

Stephen Colbert: “I’m here, they’re queer, let’s talk about something else”

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Colbert weighs in on the gay marriage juggernaut, interviewing Prop 8 super-lawyers David Boies and Ted Olson.

Carney shuts down WH press conference after being asked about Prop 8 case

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Chorus grows louder for Obama administration to weigh in on Prop 8 case before Supreme Court.

Ted Olson urges Obama to file brief for Prop 8, DOMA cases at Supreme Court

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White House and Justice Department give weak non-answers when asked whether they’ll file briefs on Prop 8, DOMA.
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