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The Internet is making it harder to measure how “informed” voters are

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There’s a growing gap between political knowledge and access to political knowledge.

Scientology sure sounds a lot like the surveillance state

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Scientology is an absurd and coercive con, but we all give in to our own oppressors.
Felix Baumgartner - record breaking freefall jump

Science Sunday: Black holes are really gray, and other science news

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From Curiosity on Mars to breathtaking leaps from the stratosphere, it’s Science Sunday again on AMERICAblog.

Is badBIOS a dire computer virus, or an improbable hoax?

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Dire warnings about a new computer viruses infecting Macs and PCs has me skeptical.
ESA - Mars Express video

Science Sunday Roundup – and an open thread

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A device to help the blind see, an eclipse you shouldn’t look at, and the right way to use an ATM.

Tesla’s dream: Wirelessly powered devices that get their energy out of thin air

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A cool invention that transmits information using ambient EM signals to power itself.

Back in Black: Lewis Black on the NSA and future technology (video)

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Inspired by the NSA revelations, Black takes a look at new technology from Google Glasses to the new Xbox.
"Why yes, we do vote Republican!" via Shutterstock

Can the GOP be saved from its obsession with the 1950s?

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An interesting story in the NYT about how, from technology to social issues, the GOP is stuck in the past.

Apple workers on strike in China

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Thousands of Foxconn workers are reportedly on strike in China.
Cow via Shutterstock.

NYT: “Swiss cows send texts to tell when they’re in heat”

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Shorter NYT: Grindr for cows.
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Obama helps fix the US Patent system

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The US PTO is finally going to adopt the same principle as the rest of the world and allow (no encourage!) public comment.
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