Woman secretly films life in ISIS’ capital in Syria (video)

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She reports that 150 French women have joined the ISIS enclave.

It’s time to destroy all chemical weapons

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Alinsky’s Rule 4: Make the target live up to its own book of rules. Gaius’s Rule 4: No dithering.

Putin’s NYT Syria op ed is a direct contradiction of his policy on gays

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Vladimir Putin, who wants international law to save mass-murdering Syria, ignores international law at home.
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Obama talks about Syria at 9pm ET tonight (open thread)

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If you care to weigh in about the speech – before, during or after – feel free.
This is from the series of videos the Obama administration showed Congress about the alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack.

Human Rights Watch: “Strong” evidence Syrian govt behind chem attack

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This is rather damning coming from a respected, and “liberal,” human rights group like Human Rights Watch.
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Obama wants regime change in Syria, it’s not just about the WMD

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We’re already arming selected groups of rebels in Syria. Is the bombing just to soften up their target?
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(Updated) Pro-war House Dem leaders “throwing in the towel” on Syria resolution?

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Current Wash Post House whip count on Syria: 17 for Syria strikes, 168 against.

Stephen Colbert on war with Syria (video)

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If England won’t help us, then f-em, English muffins will be called ‘Liberty Toast.’

McCain caught playing iPhone-poker during Syria war hearing (video)

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McCain has been a longtime proponent of greater US involvement in the Syrian civil war.
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Why I think President Obama doesn’t really want to attack Syria

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By going to Congress for authorization, Obama is actually trying to keep America out of Syria.
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