Bernie Sanders is far to the left of European socialists

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When you let the raw will of the masses influence policy, you can crowdsource crazy.

2000 Swedes sing an inclusive Russian national anthem (great video)

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Touching video out of Stockholm. 2,000 Swedes got together to sing a gay-inclusive version of the Russian anthem.

Ikea had a choice, and it chose (Russian) bigotry

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Ikea chose to ethnically-cleanse its monthly magazine, wiping it clean of gays, to appease Russian bigots.

Russian embassy sidewalk in Stockholm painted rainbow by activists

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Protests build as the world responds to Russia’s violent crackdown on its gay and trans citizens.
Swedish Yule Goat Burns

The Swedish Yule Goat, it burns! (video)

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Sweden’s famous Christmas Yule Goat was set aflame again this year in a tradition that annoys the local cops.
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