Bob McDonnell, via Wikimedia Commons

Former VA governor McDonnell to argue before SCOTUS that we have the right to buy influence

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McDonnell claims that Citizens United gives him the right to exchange access for cash, and to not call it a bribe.
The Supreme Court, via Wikimedia Commons

Supreme Court unanimously rules that one person really does equal one vote

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A legal win for voting rights, and a political win for Democrats.

Majority of Republicans want Senate to move ahead with Garland Sup. Ct. nomination

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Republicans: “The public must have its say!” Public: “Thanks for asking. Do your job.”
Mitch McConnell, via DonkeyHotey / Flickr

GOP senators up for re-election shut door on Garland nomination

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The GOP’s predictable refusal to consider Garland is exactly why Obama chose him.
Supreme Court via Shutterstock

Merrick Garland is a smart choice for Supreme Court

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The Garland choice will expose GOP as angry partisans working on behalf of an angry presidential candidate.

With Garland Supreme Court choice, Obama dares GOP to say yes

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Merrick Garland has been described by Orrin Hatch (R – UT) as a “consensus pick.” Now watch the GOP block him.
Senator Ron Johnson, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

GOP senator Ron Johnson tells the truth about Supreme Court obstruction

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It’s never been about precedent or principle; it’s always been about power.
Brian Sandoval, via Wikimedia Commons

Obama vetting GOP governor Sandoval for Supreme Court vacancy

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The administration wants to find out just how committed Republican Senators are to obstruction.
Orrin Hatch, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Senate Republicans triple down on SCOTUS obstruction

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They get how high the stakes are. Here’s hoping the Democrats come to play, too.
Antonin Scalia, via Wikimedia Commons

Conservative attorney argues for filling Scalia vacancy with Scalia zombie

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One the one hand, we know how Scalia would vote. On the other hand, come on.
John Kasich, via Michael Vadon / Flickr

John Kasich bombs answer on Supreme Court nominations

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John Kasich vs. Stephen Colbert. Guess who wins?
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, screenshot via CNN / YouTube

Is Bernie Sanders a single-issue candidate?

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The accusation may not be fair, but it’s on Sanders to prove it wrong. He isn’t doing a great job.
Kelly Ayotte, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

GOP Senator Ayotte compares Supreme Court nomination to “unconstitutional power grabs”

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Nominating someone to fill a Supreme Court vacancy is the opposite of an “unconstitutional power grab.”
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