Transgender video – “Injustice at every turn”

Diagnosed with nonexistence: How bias deprives medicine of integrity

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What kind of a society is willing to kill its neighbors and loved ones just because they don’t understand?

San Francisco, where “Eviction = Death”

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Welcome to the new San Francisco.

Trans teen’s suicide, and posthumous note, touches a chord online

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Leelah Alcorn, born Josh, a 17 y.o. trans teen from Kings Mills, Ohio, walked into traffic early Sunday morning.

Store defends toddler toy containing photo of girl slitting her wrist

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The toy is for three-year-olds, and the store owner thinks it’s fine for any kid age 5 and up. Unbelievable.

Twelve deaths in eight months, by suicide & otherwise, among the CEO classes

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Eight months of suicides and unexplained deaths among the CEO class (and one missing reporter).
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Study: Trans people 10x more likely to attempt suicide

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The rate for suicide attempts in the general US adult population is 4.6%. In transgender people it’s 41%.
bank failures

3 deaths and a missing reporter – all with ties to finance and Wall Street investigations

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All of the finance firms they worked for are under investigation for serious financial fraud.

Horribly sad story of a mom who regrets how she handled her now-dead son’s coming-out

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Ryan Robertson’s parents were Christians, so they told their 12 y.o. gay son he had no choice but to not be gay.

Hyundai’s “suicide ad” was a really bad idea

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Hyundai made an enviro-friendly ad of a guy trying to kill himself with the exhaust from his car. He couldn’t.
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Depression, suicide linked to debt

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“Irresponsible lending and intimidating debt collectors are pushing thousands of people… into depression.”
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