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Harry Potter is making kids more accepting of gays and immigrants

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¡Dios mío, Mary!
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About that new federal study saying gays are 3%

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3% of the population is not gay. Rather, 3% of the population is willing to tell a stranger that they’re gay.
(Good guy) protesters outside the Supreme Court, and across from the US Congress, for the oral arguments on the gay rights cases involving DOMA and Proposition 8 in March, 2013. © John Aravosis 2013

Yet another study finds gays make great parents

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A new Australian study finds that kids in same-sex families are developing normally and are in good health.

PunditFact: Fox News wins battle for most-false cable network

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According to PunditFact, Fox News’ on-air talent were mostly false, false, or pants on fire 60% of the time.
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Diets rich in fruits and vegetables cut the risk of stroke dramatically

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US males rarely eat anywhere near enough fruits and vegetables.
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Syphilis cases rising sharply among young gay men

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What you need to know.

Inulin as a possible new tactic for weight loss

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Inulin produces acetate which, researchers think, signals the brain that the animal no longer needs food.
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Bullying victims show effects 40 years later, study says

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Children who were bullied often end up with lower education and income as adults, in addition to other problems.
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Study: Kids just as happy in non-traditional families

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The study found that what mattered to kids was how they were treated, not whether their family was traditional.
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Cardiac disease linked to depression

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Since cardiac disease is the number one cause of mortality in the US, it’s important to look at these factors.
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