An anti-circumcision protester stands in front of the White House in Washington DC on March 30, 2013. Rena Schild /

Circumcision may be the kindest cut of all

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Recent research confirms that from a health standpoint the benefits of circumcision outweigh the costs.
E-cigarette via Shutterstock

The truth about e-cigarettes

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The jury is still out on whether e-cigarettes are safe, and whether they even help you stop smoking.
HIV virus attacking cell. 3D render, via Shutterstock.

Could a quarterly injection prevent HIV infection?

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Testing on monkeys has prevented the transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Marijuana as a possible treatment for HIV and cancer

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A look at new research on using THC, the principal drug in marijuana, to fight HIV and damage cancer cells.
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20% rise in those having unprotected sex

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The number of men who have sex with men having unprotected sex has steadily been increasing from 2005.
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Shorter George Will on gay marriage: I have no evidence, so I win!

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George Will fears that gay marriage will cause straight people to turn gay.
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If you’re “undecided,” you’re not paying attention

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Given the stark differences both in ideology and tone, how do some voters remain independent or undecided?
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Your politics are in your genes

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Genes play a role in determining what our political opinions are, and how strongly we hold them.
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