Emails show NC GOP elections board member tried to close early voting site on college campus for partisan reasons

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North Carolina is Bad at Democracy, Part 8391051.

Republicans are trying to legally rig elections: Ohio Edition

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By now, Americans no strangers to the variety of inventive and ill-conceived ways that Republican state legislators have found to build barriers to the ballot box. AMERICAblog readers ...

Hedges: “We’re in a pre-revolutionary society… this is extremely dangerous”

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Chris Hedges thinks we’re ripe for a billionaire-caused revolution, thanks to the Koch Brothers and all the rest.

Swiss students make cool stop-motion animation opening, closing windows of big building

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This one is really hard to describe, and terrifically cool.
Tea Party

Ohio Teabaggers attempt to intimidate Ohio State students to block their votes

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The Teabaggers, like the rest of the GOP, can’t win on issues so they’re determined to disrupt the vote.
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