Freak hailstorm hits Siberia (amazing video)

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I was caught in a (big) hailstorm once — I couldn’t believe how much it hurt.

Cool slow-mo video of lightning

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Not much to say about it, other than it’s rather cool. Nice music, too.

Possible huge new meteor storm Saturday morn 2AM-4AM ET

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The May Camelopardalid meteor storm could have as many as 200, or even 1,000, meteors per hour.
Typhoon Haiyan (© 2013 JMA/EUMETSAT)

Haiyan, possibly strongest typhoon ever, hits Philippines, 200 mph, amazing satellite images

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CNN reports that the wind gusts are bigger than Katrina and Sandy combined, climate change played a role.
A non-derecho storm front we had here in DC a week or so ago. (Photo by ©John Aravosis)

Huge storm threatens millions across midwest, possible “derecho” superstorm feared

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The National Weather Service says 12 million people are at risk of severe weather from a “gigantic” storm.
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