BREAKING: Stephen Colbert chosen to replace David Letterman

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It’s official: Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman as the head of CBS’s The Late Show.

Chimp expert Jane Goodall greets Stephen Colbert like a chimp (video)

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Goodall weighs in on the environment, climate change, GMO crops and more.

Stephen Colbert on the scary new UN report on climate change

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“Just like the wise Native Americans with the buffalo, I believe we should exploit every part of the planet.”

Trigger Warning: This article is critical of trigger warnings

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“Bending the world to accommodate our personal frailties does not help us overcome them.”

Colbert intro spoofs his show being canceled, shows “crying Indian” from the 70s (video)

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Colbert showed staff leaving, scenes from disaster movies, and then the famous “crying Indian” from the 70s.

Stephen Colbert responds to #cancelcolbert campaign (video)

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It’s really not an apology. Colbert ends up mocking the mockers, and good for him.

Why we shouldn’t cancel Colbert or Limbaugh

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Progress comes from the slow and gradual erosion of stupidity by the infiltration of reason, not from blunt force.

Stephen Colbert (apparently) must be destroyed

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Colbert used racism to skewer racism, which proves he’s a racist, so his show must be canceled. Or something.

Louisianan Chuck Duprey (actor Patrick Stewart) shares his frightening run-in with Obamacare

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Colbert talks about “Betty in Spokane,” mentioned in the GOP response to the State of the Union. Betty kinda lied.

Stephen Colbert on SB1062 going down in Arizona

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Colbert: “SB1062, a bill defending my religious right to deny sodomites pastry.”
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