Election results 2012, Obama in blue, Romney in red. Via HuffPo.

Smart ALEC: Dem activism moves to the states, big-time

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A new progressive state-focused organization has launched to mirror, and counter, the work of the conservative-GOP aligned ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). The organization ...
The plaintiffs in Pennslyvania, along with their families.

Penna. court may legalize gay marriage today

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A federal judge in Pennsylvania will issue a ruling today on whether the state gay marriage ban is constitutional.
Hawaii via Shutterstock

BREAKING: Hawaii passes gay marriage bill, governor to sign in morning

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Marriages of same-sex couples should begin in Hawaii on December 2. Hawaii will be the 15th state to legalize.

The marriage equality map: Who loves us, who hates us, who’s oh so tepid…

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Check out the # of Americans living in “gay marriage” states depending on various possible Sup. Ct. outcomes.

Rhode Island House elects gay Speaker

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Very positive development in the Ocean State: Gordon D. Fox was elected as the state’s first black and openly gay House Speaker, moments after West Warwick Democrat Willliam J. ...

NY Times looks at one privacy issue in Washington State

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The NY Times takes a look at the privacy battle unfolding in Washington State over the release of the names of petition signers. The irony of this article is that the New York Times ...

GOP candidate for AG in Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, thinks “homosexual acts are wrong” and there should be “policies that reflect that”

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Yesterday, the Washington Post reported on the effort by Virginia Republicans to soften their image. Bob McDonnell is exhibit A. He’s really toned down his theocratic rhetoric. ...

Judge rules Washington’s R-71 can be on the ballot

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A decision in Washington State means another statewide vote on the rights of gay citizens: Referendum 71 can proceed to the November ballot, after a Thurston County judge Tuesday afternoon ...

In Washington, pro-gay side files challenge: “Referendum 71 should only be on the ballot if it has qualified based on legally valid signatures.”

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Washington Families Standing Together, the campaign to approve Referendum 71 if it makes the ballot, filed a lawsuit today alleging that the Secretary of State is accepting signatures, ...
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