Nikki Haley, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Nikki Haley tries to prove that the GOP isn’t the party of racist, sexist white men. Steve King tries to prove her wrong.

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According to King, you really can’t be a “principled conservative” unless you’re mean, white and male.
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Kim Davis wasn’t the only crusader for Christian privilege invited to the State of the Union

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Paul Ryan’s guests have a bone to pick with Obama over “religious freedom,” as well.
Congressman Jim Jordan, via Wikimedia Commons

Rep. Jim Jordan’s staff gave his State of the Union tickets to the Family Research Council

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So THAT’S how Kim Davis got in.
President Obama's last State of the Union, via YouTube

Obama’s State of the Union summarized the bulk of our domestic policy debate in two sentences

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Our economic problems aren’t black and brown people’s fault, thank you very much.
Tony Perkins, via

Why does the Family Research Council have a ticket to the State of the Union to spare for Kim Davis?

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They’re a hate group. Who’s letting them in?

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart on the State of the Union (video)

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Stephen Colbert: “What better way to start a year of action than with an hour of talking.”

HuffPo (tongue in cheek) asks SOTU lawmakers “who” they’re wearing

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It was done in jest, and the results were kind of funny.
State of the Union 2012

State of the Union open thread

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Join in the discussion if you’re dorky enough, like me, to be watching this thing.

Lindsey Graham celebrates Duck Dynasty’s flag desecration before State of the Union

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GOP Sen. Graham and Cong. Massie join Duck Dynasty star who’s desecrating the American flag in pre-SOTU photo opp.

Jon Stewart on Marco Rubio’s hypocritical State of the Union response

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Jon Stewart notes that Marco Rubio thinks government can’t help you – it can only help him, his mom and dad.

All Marco Rubio’s lip-smacking condensed to 1-minute video (UPDATED)

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Even more great moments captured in time from Marco Rubio’s “Republican response.”

State of the Union 2013, text of and live blog

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You’ll find the entire text of the speech, and a word-cloud of it. Also feel free to jump in the comments.
Lyndon Johnson's State of the Union address, via the US House historical archive.

Excerpts of the State of the Union focus on economy, jobs

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“It is our generation’s task, then, to reignite the true engine of America’s economic growth.”
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