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Tillerson makes joke at Trump’s expense while addressing State employees

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Trump’s new Sec. of State Rex Tillerson told a joke today seemingly at Trump’s expense.

Trump found someone even less qualified than Giuliani for Sec of State: Nikki Haley

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Trump may have selected someone even less qualified than Rudy Giuliani to be Secretary of State: Nikki Haley.

Hillary Clinton did not keep a public email account at the State Department

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Last night, the New York Times reported that Hillary Clinton did not keep a government email account during her tenure at the State Department, relying solely on her personal email ...

State Department has (mostly) thrown in the towel on climate change

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State has mostly shifted from prevention of, to preparation for, climate change and its ensuing damage.

State Dept’s new Olympics diversity video is a bit of a FU to Russia

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The pro-gay, pro-diversity, video is surprisingly edgy for what are normally staid diplomatic circles.

US govt issues travel alert to gays, others attending Sochi Olympics

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State Dept warns Americans about terrorism, inadequate medical care, gay civil rights violations, crime in Russia.

Benghazi bombshell: Email supporting GOP “conspiracy” theory is fake

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The White House email that forms the smoking gun at the center of the GOP’s Benghazi conspiracy is a fake.
Oil sands, tar sands, in Alberta, Canada - Keystone Pipeline

Keystone Pipeline study: We must kill the environment to save it

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The Koch brothers will be the big winners with this eventual cave-in by the President.
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