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Anyone want to read the First Amendment to Donald Trump?

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How, exactly, is he going to make everyone say “Merry Christmas” again?

War on Christmas 2015: Full communism at Starbucks

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You have actually got to be kidding me.
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When corporations co-opt social justice, who pays?

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Whatever values are assigned to corporate behavior, the motive is always profit.

Let’s slow down this race, together: Starbucks and a bad hashtag

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Starbucks’ #RaceTogether campaign was the wrong way to go about the right discussion.
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Starbucks to expand idiotic “Come Together” fiscal cliff coffee cup campaign

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Starbucks should be writing: “The fiscal cliff is a lie, repeal it.” Most don’t realize it can be repealed.

Starbucks agrees to pay $32m in UK taxes. Is it too little too late?

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Papa John’s isn’t the only company watching its bad behavior backfire on its brand.
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Occupy Starbucks?

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A number of US-based multinationals, like Starbucks, are paying almost no taxes abroad.

Religious right to target Starbucks in Middle East over gay marriage (bizarre)

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Of course, America’s religious right thinks Muslims are demons. So, good luck with that.
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