Is $35 billion enough for David Koch? He'd tell you no.

The Koch brothers don’t just have their own political party, they have their own spy network

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There is no liberal analog to the Kochs. Not even close.

Power’s bitch: Snowden responds to criticism of TV appearance with Putin

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Snowden claims he intended to spark a national dialogue in Russia about that country’s domestic spying. Seriously.
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Brazil admits spying on US diplomats. Oops.

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The revelation comes on the heels of Brazil’s president canceling a trip to Washington over US spying on Brazil.
Google hosted fundraiser for gay-hating, climate-denying
GOP Sen. James Inhofe. Happy hipsters?

Pentagon is using the NSA to commandeer the Internet

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Google and Apple are NSA spies. If they want to keep their customers, they’d better fight back against the govt.

Snowden plans more leaks about US spying abroad, will let foreign press decide if leaks endanger Americans

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Letting foreign media decide whether printing classified US info endangers Americans is irresponsible.
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If you’re a reporter or cop with a Verizon phone, the government now has all your sources

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The US government has obtained the phone records of all 121m Verizon customers, and that should bother folks.
Rupert Murdoch via Shutterstock

Rupert Murdoch slammed in UK report, suggests cover-up likely

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If similar report were released about MSNBC, one can only imagine the GOP outrage.
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Sen. Leahy wants to read your emails without a warrant

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I’m pretty sure two weeks ago we didn’t vote for four more years of George Bush.
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