Prime Minister Cameron took particular offensive at Sec. Clinton's use of the term "pants suit."

Brits furious over Hillary’s “misappropriation” of English language

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The UK has recalled its ambassador to Washington over Hillary’s cultural misappropriation of the English language.
Jeb Bush, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

GOP debate moves seamlessly from birthright citizenship to English as official language

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It is the Republican Party’s deeply-held religious belief that English is the US’s official language.
Latino medical worker, via Shutterstock

OMG Obamacare’s Spanish-language site is all wrong! Or not.

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Critics claim the Spanish-language version of the ACA Web site got the word “premium” wrong. But it didn’t.
Days of the week, via Shutterstock

How we got the names of the days of the week

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Thursday is “Thor’s Day” for English-speakers, but it’s “Jupiter’s Day” (Jove’s Day) in romance languages.
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