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Heritage Foundation: Gay marriage means less marriage and more abortions

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Math is hard, but making up numbers to support your case? That’s easy.

Stunning time-lapse video of the stars, mountaintop in Spain (video)

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I really love these super-timelapse videos where you can actually see the Milky Way.

Stunning video shows you Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia cathedral as it was meant to be

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The video virtually constructs the rest of the unfinished cathedral before your eyes. Simply stunning.
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Federal Reserve says austerity is hurting US growth

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In the US, UK, Spain and Portugal, austerity is causing more harm than good. Why won’t the GOP get that?
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Paul Ryan’s “austerity” magic is destroying Spain

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Unemployment in austerity-ridden Spain is 26% generally, and 56.5% for youth. The GOP budget miracle in action.
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Austerity continues to stifle UK economy

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Few expected rapid growth in the UK after binge drinking on Big Finance for years, but many people predicted this. Austerity – the same foolish plan Republicans want in the US ...
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Spain to halt evictions following suicide

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Following the second recent suicide following eviction, Spain is taking steps to stop evictions.
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