Felix Baumgartner - record breaking freefall jump

Science Sunday: Black holes are really gray, and other science news

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From Curiosity on Mars to breathtaking leaps from the stratosphere, it’s Science Sunday again on AMERICAblog.
Pad 39a flame trench, via NASA. Unicorns via Shutterstock.

Science Sunday Roundup and Open Thread

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Lots of fun NASA news this week, along with clever chimps and stone babies.
China-moon-rover-lander -sm

Space Science News Sunday – open thread (video)

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From space probes to ‘Master Plans’ to turn our moon into a giant solar generator, it’s Science Sunday

Space Science Sunday – an open thread (with video)

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Including amazing video of a reusable rocket that launches and then can land standing straight up.

News… in… space… (and an open thread)

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A collection of space news-related posts and trivia – and an open thread.
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