Oxford a cappella group sings amazing “All I want for Christmas” (video)

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An all-male a cappella group at Oxford University sings this amazing version of “All I want for Christmas” (video)

Great Koch Brothers parody of “I’d like to teach the world to sing”

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“They’re the evil thing.”

Are you breaking the law when you sing “Happy Birthday”?

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Warner Music owns the copyright to the “Happy Birthday” song, and expects restaurants to pay royalties.

A Celtics fan dances like nobody`s watching, except everybody was

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A Boston Celtics fan starts dancing in the bleachers, quite well at that, to Bon Jov’s “Livin’ On a Prayer.”

Saudi comedian/activist’s brilliant video challenges ban on women driving

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Hisham Fageeh is a comedian and social activist, and his video/song “No woman, no drive” is brilliant.
Zombie Mitt Romney

Maybe we should compromise! (a video for our GOP friends)

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Jonathan Coulton’s song about compromise… which reminded me a whole lot of today’s GOP.

Delicious music video calls for Putin to come out (as gay)

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“He’d really like to wrestle a different kind of bear.”

Indie gay country song goes viral (video)

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Steve Grand didn’t have a record label, so he took $7k of his own money, made a music video & put it on YouTube.

A unique form of Irish song that most have never heard of

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It’s called “Lilting,” is done in Gaelic, and doesn’t have any real words.

Knowing he only had months to live, this 18 y.o. kid wrote a beautiful song

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Clouds by Zach Sobiech, who died today of bone cancer at 18 years of age. Amazingly catchy song and sad story.

The periodic table of elements, in song (video)

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I had no idea the periodic table of elements had gotten so big.

“Ground control to Major Tom” sung from the International Space Station

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This video of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” was posted yesterday, it’s gone super-viral. Watch it.

New Zealand parliament breaks into song as gay marriage is legalized (must-see video)

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I actually got chills watching this video.
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