Louisiana House retains ban on oral sex, straight and gay, even married

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It’s time to ask individual Louisiana politicians if they’ve ever given or received oral sex.

Hot Indian actor answers stupid questions about the-gay (video)

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Brilliant, and funny as hell. I’d never seen Imran Khan before, he’s great.
Protester in India (photo: NDTV screenshot)

India’s Stonewall: How recriminalizing homosexuality inspired a revolution

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How the Indian Supreme Court’s recriminalization of homosexuality started a revolution.

India re-criminalizes homosexuality, proudly enters 19th century

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India restakes its claim to British colonial tradition and the notion of civil rights circa 1860, during Victoria.
Hummer via Paul Matthew Photography /

It was a good night for sodomy in America

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From Virginia to Illinois to Seattle, gay rights, and really sex more generally, was on the ballot, and won.
East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid J. Gautreaux, III

Outrageous. Baton Rouge cops ask gay men for sex, then arrest them under struck-down sodomy law

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The police in Baton Rouge are using a sodomy law struck down by the Supreme Court 10 years ago to entrap gays.
The View takes on GOP’s Cuccinelli over “sodomy” (view)

The View takes on GOP’s Cuccinelli over “sodomy” (view)

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Cuccinelli has still not divulged if his wife Teiro participates in oral or anal sex, which he wants banned.
Ken Cuccinelli by Gage Skidmore.

Does Ken Cuccinelli go down on his wife?

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VA GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli wants to make oral sex, between married straight adults, a felony.

GOP Virginia gubernatorial nominee Cuccinelli’s ongoing effort to ban BJs

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Why has the GOP Virginia legislature refused for 10 years to pass a law making it illegal to rape children?
boy scout

Anti-gay Idaho sheriff doesn’t know sodomy laws were struck down in 2003

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Idaho sheriff drops Boy Scouts because he thinks sodomy is still illegal in Idaho – it hasn’t been since 2003.
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