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AP and the challenge organizations face with social media

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AP’s erroneous tweet about the Clinton Foundation raises the issue of how organizations run their social media.
Tammy Duckworth meeting with a veteran, via Wikimedia Commons

GOP accuses double-amputee war vet Duckworth of “not standing up” for vets

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I’m not sure we’ll see a more offensive tweet from a major party organization any time soon.

Social media reacts to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris

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Twitter and Facebook have had a number of poignant images in response to the murder of 12 in Paris by terrorists.

Social media survey: Dems, women face most online harassment

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A new poll shows that Democrats, and women, report being harassed more on social media than GOP ers or men.

On August 1, 2014, Russia plans to kill the Internet

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Russia is demanding that social media companies host all user data in Russia, and make it available to the govt.
Social media buttons via Shutterstock

We need your help sharing our stories on social media – here’s why

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The only way progressive sites can make enough revenue to stay alive is if you share our content on social media.

Coke social media tool bans word “gay,” but not “straight”

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The latest trouble comes only 2 days after Coke defended its role in the arrest of a Russian gay rights advocate.

Instagram at Auschwitz: Has social media gone too far?

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Auschwitz has an Instagram account. Is it appropriate to use Instagram’s fun filters at a Nazi death camp?

The insane things people still try to bring on airplanes

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John and Chris have doneĀ a lot of reporting on the TSA this year, as the organization has had its fair share of privacy invasions, cultural faux paus, and instances of general incompetence. ...
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Study shows people are more honest online, less so on the phone

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The study showed that while in-person communication is unreliable, telephone communication is even less so.
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