Stray dogs from Sochi arrive in DC to be adopted (video)

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I guess now you’d call them capitalist dogs :)

Buddy Cole gets to the bottom of gay life in Sochi, Russia (video)

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“Just to get the story I bit the bullet, and some other stuff, and managed to penetrate Sochi’s gay underground.”

Dutch Olympic coach disses US, Stephen Colbert’s response is priceless

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Colbert sad Holland is nothing more than “Belgium’s Canada,” and then called it “Hitler’s Left Turn Lane.”

Flaming Buddy Cole ticks off the cops in Sochi for the Colbert Report

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Buddy, in fur, went to the protest zone and protested that his martini had run out of vodka. Cops were unamused.

Horrific video of Pussy Riot & photographer whipped, tear-gassed by Russian police

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Russian police tear-gassed and whipped Pussy Riot for singing a song. They also whipped a photographer.

Sir David Attenborough narrates an Olympic curling competition (video)

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“The aim of this ritual is to land your walnut in the center of the nest.”

Putin used Olympics to get Ukrainian president to attack Kiev protesters

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As a result, Kiev is now in flames, and many are talking about the prospect of a civil war.
Vladimir Luxuria at the Bologna Pride 2012, in Bologna, Italy. Picture by Giovanni Dall'Orto, June 10 2012.

Olympic police re-arrest former Italian MP for wearing rainbow outfit

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Vladimir Luxuria’s rainbow outfit was deemed too gay by the Olympic police.

Russians “brutally” arrest former Italian member of parliament at Sochi Olympics

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Vladimir Luxuria, a trans woman, was walking around Sochi Olympics with a flag saying in Italian “Gay is okay.”

US Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy saves puppies in Sochi

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He’s lined up kennels and vaccinations for the puppies, and hopes to bring some of them back home with him.

Colbert Report schools US Olympic men’s speekstaters in being hetero for Sochi

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“There was no hiding the fact that their tights screamed ‘gay propagnda’.”

From Russia With Love: But no gay stuff

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Stephen Colbert: The Olympics “are also under threat from an extremist terror group: The gays.”

Hey Kool-Aid! US bobsledder forced to smash thru Sochi bathroom door

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Johnny Quinn had just taken a shower in his Sochi hotel when wet and naked found himself trapped by a jammed door.
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