This old fat house – how to lose weight fixing up your home

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Did you know that shoveling snow burns 576 calories an hour? And raking leaves burns 384.

Doctor walks 6 miles in snowstorm to conduct emergency brain surgery

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The patient survived. Afterwards, Dr. Hrynkiw said of the ordeal: “It really wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Woman has diabetic attack while driving, other drivers laugh (video)

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YouTube commenters, of course, found the woman’s predicament hilarious, even after they found out she was sick.

Gonzo the Italian Greyhound experiences his first snow-day (video)

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After seeing what my poor dog went through these past few days, no doggie outfit is too cruel if it helps.

Slow-motion snow and planes = pretty (video)

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Just someone’s slow-motion video of planes landing in the snow. Rather beautiful, actually.

Crow snowboards down roof on mayonnaise lid, repeatedly (video)

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It’s not entirely clear why the bird is doing this. Hard to believe it’s just having fun.

The feel-good goat story of the year (video)

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An amazing video of some goats (chamois) in France trapped by a snow avalanche, and amazingly they survive.
Unusual late snow hits northwest Europe

Unusual late snow hits northwest Europe

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More odd weather in Europe, as winters grow increasingly harsh – is it climate change?

Too much snow for Scooter (video)

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There’s nothing like a dog leaping through snow and loving it.

The Paris “blizzard” of 2013 (photos)

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Paris was hit with an unusually snowy weekend, so I snapped a few photos.

British cat seriously enjoying its first snow (video)

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I’d have thought the cat would find snow rather unappealing. I know my Sasha can’t stand the stuff.
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