Dan Savage with the secret on how to handle your parents (video)

U of C students incensed that word “tranny” was used in discussion about word “tranny”

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Students have launched a petition attacking noted gay activist Dan Savage for simply discussing the controversy.

Christian couple refuses to tip gay waiter because “Queers do not share in the wealth of GOD”

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“We hope you will see the tip your f*g choices made you lose out on, and plan accordingly.”
Oklahoma State Rep Dennis Johnson says "Jew down the price" during floor debate.

GOP legislator talks about “Jewing down the price,” then laughs about it

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This, on the heels of GOPers calling women “vaginas,” Latinos “wetbacks,” and using the term “n*gger-rig.”

Confirmed: “Macaque” (aka “macaca”) is a French slur for black people, George Allen’s mom was French

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George Allen’s use of the term “macaca” for an Indian-American wasn’t an accident. Macaque is a French slur,
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