Cool slow-mo video of lightning

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Not much to say about it, other than it’s rather cool. Nice music, too.

6 of the hardest ballet moves, in slo-mo

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The Washingtont went to the Washington Ballet and asked six dancers to do their most difficult move.

Magical super high-speed video freezes Berlin metro in time

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It’s a short video, and extremely difficult to do justice to in writing. Please do watch it, it’s magical.

Slow-motion snow and planes = pretty (video)

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Just someone’s slow-motion video of planes landing in the snow. Rather beautiful, actually.

Oddly mesmerizing (and sensual) espresso-brewing video

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Trust me, this is far cooler than it sounds. Simply a slow-mo video of espresso being brewed, but wow.

Goshawk flies through tiny spaces in slo-mo (video)

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A neat video from the BBC showing how a hawk adapts to flying through increasingly smaller holes in a wall.

Cute Brits put firecrackers in wet paint, film explosion in slow-mo (video)

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Lots of paint, firecrackers, a slow-motion camera and two cute British guys. Who could ask for anything more?
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