Guy trapped in avalanche with helmet cam filming it, rescued (video)

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He managed to hold his hands in front of his face to create a pocket of air that he was able to breathe through.

N*ked skiing (video)

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I ski. And I get cold when snow goes up my mitten. This looks worse.

Some amazing skiing by Candide Thovex. You are there. (video)

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French professional skier Candid Thovex is pretty amazing.

Ever wonder what it’s like to ski jump? (video)

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Thanks to a helmet camera, you can follow the big ski jump in Norway.

Another cool video of a guy skiing everywhere he shouldn’t

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I think this might be Canada.

Finnish kids using skis like snowboards, amazing (video)

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I’m not a winter person nor am I about to try skiing again, but I still like watching this.
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